In the face of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, all people in epidemic areas are recommended to follow the directive to stay at home. With the ability to "fly away" the summer heat, ACOOL R410A refrigerant - the preeminent refrigerant line for air conditioners is ready to accompany you through the epidemic season.

With ACOOL R410A refrigerant - cool, refreshing, comfortable at home

General information about refrigerant gas products ACOOL R410A 

Possessing purity ≥99.9%.

Has GWP (Global Warming Potential): 2088 and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential): 0

Includes 2 types of bottles with weights of 2.8kg and 11.3kg, respectively.

Does not cause explosion, does not destroy the ozone layer.

Used as refrigerant in civil and industrial air conditioning systems.

Product information of refrigerant gas ACOOL R410A

ACOOL R410A refrigerant- comfortable at home, complying with epidemic prevention

The State continuously applies directives 15 and 16 asking people to stay at home seriously to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic from spreading rapidly. Especially, in the hot weather like today plus all the doors are closed, the air conditioner is the savior at this time.

With the ability to spread cool vapor thanks to the operation of the refrigerant, the air conditioner helps users feel more comfortable and comfortable at home in compliance with epidemic prevention. ACOOL R410A refrigerant fully meets the criteria of a quality refrigerant product:

Produced on modern technology lines of Korea by Vietnam-Han Oil and Gas Industry Joint Stock Company PVCK - the first refrigerant production factory in Vietnam.

High purity greater than 99.9% provides stable operation of the air conditioner and maintains the durability of the system.

Provides optimal cooling performance. Air conditioner is an air-cooling device that almost every family owns. Therefore, the requirement for cooling capacity is more demanding than ever. Doing its job well, ACOOL R410A refrigerant has 1.6 times more cooling efficiency than the old R22 refrigerant, providing deeper cold and consuming less power.

Safe in use: R410A refrigerant can eliminate the risk of poisoning or fire during use. However, in order to avoid unnecessary risks due to leaking refrigerant, you can perform actions such as regularly checking the pipeline systems, cleaning the filter in front of the air conditioner to keep up. detection of strange odors.

Competitive price compared to similar products of other suppliers.

ACOOL R410A refrigerant meets outstanding cooling performance

ACOOL - prestigious refrigerant gas brand of Vietnamese people

Currently, refrigerant gas is provided with a variety of brands and distribution agents. To avoid buying fake and poor quality goods, you should choose to buy at reputable units.

ACOOL is always proud to be a pioneer in quality. With the commitment of "high quality and perfect service", we hope to become a long-term companion with the Vietnamese family and ready to help you overcome the difficult Covid-19 season.

ACOOL refrigerant accompanies you to overcome the pandemic

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